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Against Excavation, Towards Dis/Location: On Queer Muslim Identity Politics

What can a single piece of ephemera offer for a genealogy of ‘queer Muslim’? Rather than excavate the white queer archive for a queer Muslim presence, this talk proposes a dis/location of the queer Muslim to relinquish the desire for a transparent, sexual rights bearing subject.

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This dis/location forgoes a linear narration of the emergence of this identity category to attend to the co-constitution of race and sexuality. Analysing an instance of anti-racist and queer solidarity, this talk explores the collision between “queer” and “Muslim” through unlikely, even opaque, forms.



Dr. Abeera Khan writing and teaching is concerned with the interrelatedness between empire, gender, race and sexuality. Her work provides critical interventions in queer of color critique, particularly regarding the category of “queer Muslim.” She is currently developing a book monograph based on her 2022 PhD thesis: On the Fraught Politics of Becoming: A Queer Feminist Analysis of Queer Muslim Subjectivation. While completing her thesis, she was a Fellow in Gender and Culture at the Department of Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science. You can read her work in journals such as the Feminist ReviewFeminist Formationslambda NordicaReligion and Gender, and Kohl: A Journal for Gender and Body Research.



Tea and coffee available from 16.45.



IAIS Building/LT1