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Dominic Casciani ( Home Affairs Correspondent. BBC News)

The Terrorism, Security and the news.

There has long been a tense debate about how the British news media goes about reporting counter-terrorism, security and related issues. BBC News home affairs correspondent Dominic Casciani explains how he and his colleagues go about their job - and the practical and editorial challenges they face.The talk will give you an insight into how modern 24-hour news organisations operate from the moment that the police make an arrest to the point that a jury reaches a verdict.Dominic will explore some of the major issues that organisations like the BBC grapple with these major stories - and how the BBC goes about trying to unpeel their many layers.Dominic Casciani has covered terrorism and security for BBC News for a decade on TV, Radio and Online.In 2011 he won a landmark court battle with the government to film the story of a terrorism suspect held for eight years without trial. In 2013 he was one of a just a few journalists to witness the deportation of Abu Qatada to Jordan.

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