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Dr Maha Yamani ( Independant Researcher)

There Is Only One God-But Is There Only One Universal Muslim Law?

The terms 'Muslim', 'Islamic', and 'Shariah' law have become intermixed, and often used to cover a wide area of rules some religious but others not. These rules have an Islamic origin but have since been restructured and adapted into an expansive field of laws spanning the many diverse cultures, ethnic groups, and geographical areas that now represent the Muslim religion. I sometimes encounter questions along the lines of "What is your opinion regarding the position of women under Muslim law?" Or I face an inquiry regarding "The interpretation of (a specific case) under 'Shari'ah' law"Through the use of examples, my talk will illustrate the way in which 'Muslim' laws have been moulded and shaped by the people who use them

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Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies