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42nd Exeter Maritime History Conference

Event details

‘Weather at Sea: Climate Change and its effects on the Maritime World’


Malcolm Walker (Royal Meteorological Society, special interest group on the history of meteorology and physical oceanography)  ‘Meteorological pathfinders of the sea in the nineteenth century’.

Professor Eric Grove (University of Salford)  ‘Storms and submarines: the influence of weather on the battle of the Atlantic in the Second World War’.

Dr Clive Wilkinson (NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric  Administration, Climate Database Modernisation Programme)  ‘History, climate change and the tropical Atlantic in the age of sail’.

Dr Bernard Stonehouse (University of Hull, Maritime Historical Research Centre, BAW - British Arctic Whaling research unit) ‘Arctic whaling and naval logs as sources of climatic information’.

Dr Martin Genner (Marine Biological Association of the UK)  ‘A Century of Change. Climate, fishing and the fish communities of the western  English Channel’.

Dr Philip Brohan (UK Meteorological Office, Hadley Centre), Measuring  climate change: getting global temperature change from marine weather observations’.

Dr Dennis Wheeler (University of Sunderland)  ‘Royal Navy logbooks: how the Nelsonian legacy helps the science of climate change’.

Professor Robert Bickers and Dr Catherine Ladds(University of Bristol)  ‘The records of the Chinese Maritime Customs and the data relating to climate’.

Caroline Gunn, (University of Hull, British Arctic Whaling research unit)  Paper to be presented by Dr Bernard Stonehouse (University of Hull, BAW -  British Arctic Whaling research unit)  ‘Climatic change and the decline of British Arctic whaling 1820-1850’.

Dr Philip Brohan (UK Meteorological Office, Hadley Centre)  ‘Royal Navy deck logs and the climate of World War II’. 

Dinah Molloy-Thompson (Scott Polar Research Institute, British Arctic  Whaling research unit) ‘The validation of weather-related entries in British Arctic whaling logs, 1810-1820’.

Dr Rob Allan (UK Meteorological Office, ACRE – Atmospheric Circulation  Reconstructions over the Earth), ‘Historical ship logbook digitisation activities under  the ACRE initiative’.


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