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44th Exeter Maritime History Conference

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‘Who Did They Think They Were? The Sea and the making of identities’

Dr James Davey (National Maritime Museum)
The Navy and the Nation: British national identity 1688-1750.

Mr Daniel Spence (Sheffield Hallam)
Identifying ‘seagoing races’: Britain’s colonial naval volunteers and the forging of identity during the Second World War.

Dr Duncan Redford (Exeter)
Sea-blindness and identity – the problems for policy makers.

Dr Paul Readman (King’s College London)
The cliffs of Dover, the sea, and national identity in Britain 1750-2000.

Ms Chryssanthi Papadopoulou (King’s College London)
The Athenian Navy in the fifth century: facts and fiction.

Prof Giuseppe Restifo (University of Messina)
Like a crew in a ship: the sea and identity in modern age Messina.

Dr Jo Stanley (Independent Researcher)
They thought they were normal – and queens too: gay seafarers on British liners 1950-1985. 

Ms Cori Convertio-Farrar (Exeter)
Defying Conformity: Using tattoos to express individuality in the Victorian Navy. 

Ms Amy Miller (National Maritime Museum)
The Navy at Home: The creation of British identity in the domestic sphere 1793-1815.

Mr Richard Blakemore (Selwyn College, Cambridge)
The bridge, the river and the ocean sea: concepts of space in the seventeenth-century London maritime community.

Ms Victoria Carolan (Queen Mary’s, London)
Regional voices: national causes 1930-1945.

Dr Chris Ware (Greenwich)
The life and many identities of Admiral Byng.

Mr Tim Beattie (Exeter)
The strange and surprising adventures of Captain Shelvocke. 

Mr Richard Hammond (Exeter)
A one man band? The identity of RN submarine commanders in the Second World War.

Dr Richard Gorski (Hull)
Political uses of occupational identity: Merchant seafarers in the later Nineteenth century.

Rear Admiral David Pulvertaft (Independent Researcher)
The identity of the Victorian Navy as seen through the names of its ships.

Mr Britt Zerbe (Exeter)
Amphibious Brotherhood: 1664 or 1755? What Foundation and Establishment mean to Marine identity. 

Professor Eric Grove (University of Salford)
What’s in a name? The ‘battleship’ and the transformation of naval identity at the end of the Nineteenth Century.


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