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Visiting speaker: Dr. Gabriele vom BRUCK (SOAS)

Sponsored by the Centre for Gulf Studies

(Re)making History with a Vengeance: Struggles for Ascendancy in Northern Yemen in the Wake of Political Transition (2012-14)

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This paper explores struggles for dominance in Yemen’s northern region in the aftermath of the transition agreement prior to Ansar Allah’s takeover of San‘a in September 2014, which signalled a reconfiguration of local power politics.  Investigating the extent to which certain features of the conflict in the post-Salih era were engendered by previous interim warfare, the paper will establish a genealogy of violence in the Salih era and that of his successor ‘Abd Rabbu Mansur Hadi.  It explores the repercussions of Salih’s policy, the power constellations generated by the transition agreement, elite conflict and growing sectarian fault lines.

Gabriele vom Bruck is Senior Lecturer in Anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies. She has conducted extensive research in Yemen and published on elites, religious movements, consumption, gender and photography.  She is the author of Islam, Memory and Morality in Yemen (Palgrave 2005) and co-editor of The Anthropology of Names and Naming (Cambridge UP 2006).  She is currently completing a biography of a Yemeni woman.


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