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Dr William Richardson (University of Exeter & HMC) - Independent schools in England. What are they for?

The independent (fee-paying) sector of schools in England is small by international standards. This seminar will examine the role of independent schools in England in the 2010s.

What is an independent school? What are they for? What are they against? What kind of influence do they wield? And how much of that influence affects what state-funded schools do? Is the English situation significant internationally? Among the questions to be explored in the seminar will be the role of the state in the running of schools, the nature of lobbying and influence in English schools policy, curriculum trends in the independent sector and the demographics of independent school pupils and teachers. Finally, is it the case that England's fee-paying schools have vanquished the post-war comprehensive now that all English secondary schools are on the way to becoming independent?

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Dr_William_Richardson.pdfDr William Richardson's Biography and Abstract (304K)
Dr_William_Richardson.pdfHand-out from Dr William Richardson's seminar (1776K)


Baring Court 114