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The Hidden Face of Iran

Images by Bernard Russo

What is life really like in Iran?

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This exhibition presents a series of images, by French photographer Bernard Russo, which captures the everyday life of ordinary people in Iran – images rarely seen in the West where  Iran is typically presented as a land of culture, religion (often fundamental), and the centre of Sharia law.   But what are Iranians like?  These fascinating pictures reveal the daily routine and activities of people ‘just like us’.  Through their simplicity one is able to empathize with the subjects; portrayed artistically, but without artifice. The images answer questions, yet pose many more.

Bernard Russo takes his camera all round the world – Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe, India, the Middle East – richly and perceptively capturing humans as they are, in their natural environment.  His work has been critically acclaimed in the press and is widely shown in exhibitions in many countries.