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IBCS seminar - "Sulfur, Sulfur Everywhere! Chemical Tools for H2S Detection and Delivery"

Speaker: Professor Mike Pluth, University of Oregon.

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Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and related reactive sulfur species are now recognized to play important roles in biology, health, and disease. Aligned with this increased interest, chemical tools that enable H2S delivery and detection have emerged as key research tools with high pharmacological potential. This presentation will focus on our efforts to develop and apply new H2S detection and imaging technologies, including applications in organelle-targeted H2S sensing motifs and H2S imaging in live larval zebrafish using light-sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM). Complementing new methods for H2S imaging, this presentation will also discuss our recently-developed H2S donors that can be engineered to respond to specific biological, chemical, or bio-orthogonal stimuli. These systems function by the intermediate release of carbonyl sulfide (COS), which is quickly converted to H2S by the ubiquitous enzyme carbonic anhydrase. In addition to providing a robust class of H2S donors, initial biological studies suggest that COS may have biological roles distinct from those of H2S, raising the possibility that COS may be a new biologically-relevant sulfur-containing biomolecule for future study.

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