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Graceful Runes, art exhibition by Dahlia Mahmoud

A new and vibrant art exhibition for the Street Gallery in IAIS, launch event on 12 April

Graceful Runes is an exhibition by Dahlia Mahmoud. It is a photographic series on language, calligraphy and design. All are welcome to the launch on 12 April at 17:30 and drinks and snacks will be served. The exhibition runs from 12 April to 13 June, Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm in the Street Gallery. The artist explains " Travelling through the Arabian Gulf, listening to stories passed from mothers to daughters like heirlooms, triggered this series of images. Matters of faith and survival, urban legends and heroic figurines in local accents find their way to patterns, amulets and the amended adornment of tribes. The common trait to the stories is the essence of strength and survival. The photographs of the women and the superimposed letters, text and texture and layered histories are viewed in this series."

Event details

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Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies