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Iranian-Kurdish Cultural Production: Past, Present and Future

A two-day workshop at IAIS

This workshop will take place on 17-18 September 2018 at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies and aims to open scholarly discussion on the Kurdish cultural heritage of Iran and its relation to contemporary Kurdish cultural creation. While certain aspects of Kurdish culture, such as its music, are well appreciated and celebrated in Iran, other vibrant activities in literature, the visual arts and cinema are much less well known. We hope to open avenues of research in vital areas hardly explored hitherto. The workshop has been made possible by a grant awarded to Farangis Ghaderi by Iran Heritage Foundation and the support of Centre for Kurdish Studies. As well as providing an opportunity for analytic and theoretical discussion, the workshop seeks to showcase contemporary Kurdish art through music performance by prominent Iranian Kurdish musician Arash Moradi and a poetry reading session. [The call for paper was published on 24 April and deadline for submission is 10 June 2018.] Full details here:

Event details


Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies