Centre for Clinical Excellence

The University of Exeter Medical School plans to build a Centre for Clinical Excellence to expand its unique ‘embedded research’ approach which identifies and solves key questions in clinical care.

This is an extremely efficient way of working which facilitates very rapid translation of successful research into clinical practice. It is a crucial time for the ‘Exeter approach’ to have a major impact on clinical care, and the Medical School requires outstanding resources to train the next generation of clinical and non-clinical scientists.

Preventing death from major trauma: early treatment embedded in the ambulance service

Severe haemorrhage after trauma is a major cause of death. Tranexamic acid given quickly can reduce the risk dramatically, but the difficulty has been getting it to patients at the right time. Exeter Professor Stuart Logan devised a system with the Ambulance Trust for paramedics to use the drug when called to accidents; this has now been adopted widely, saving many lives.

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