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Profile: Hanife Hursit


Exeter Scholars National Pathway 2016–2018

Subject Activity Strand: History & Politics

Now studying: BA History

"Before starting Exeter Scholars I was excited to meet like-minded people and get a taster of both the courses at Exeter and life at university. I enjoyed the social element of the programme the most. Meeting new people on the programme made me feel more confident applying to Exeter and moving far away from home. Knowing other people who I met on the Scholars programme when I started university made me feel much more comfortable when moving out.

The programme allowed me to explore different periods of history from a university student’s perspective, helping me discover my love for medieval history. The subject content helped me understand that, whilst I enjoyed Politics at A Level, I could not see myself pursuing it to degree level. Therefore, Exeter Scholars really helped me to understand which degree was best suited to me.

If you are thinking of applying, I would say don’t be afraid to – it’s an extremely valuable experience. You will make new friends, learn about life at university, find out more about your chosen course, and experience life away from home for the first time."