English, Visual Culture, and Film

This subject activity strand of Exeter Scholars offers an opportunity to explore critical approaches to literature, film, and visual culture, in relation to both theory and history. It also includes opportunities for creative writing and original research, giving participating students a sense of what it might be like to study English at university level.


8 x 3 hour sessions, including two excursions within Exeter, to be held on weekdays between January and June, both in and out of term time.

Session 1 Wednesday 6th February 2019 13:00–16:00 Streatham Campus
Session 2 Wednesday 13th February 2019 13:00–16:00 Streatham Campus
Session 3 Wednesday 6th March 2019 13:00–16:00 Streatham Campus
Session 4 Wednesday 13th March 2019 13:00–16:00 Streatham Campus
Session 5 Wednesday 27th March 2019 13:00–16:00 Streatham Campus
Session 6 Wednesday 12th June 2019 13:00–16:00 Streatham Campus
Session 7 Wednesday 19th June 2019 13:00–16:00 Streatham Campus
Session 8 Wednesday 26th June 2019 13:00–16:00 Streatham Campus

Activity Locations

All subject activity sessions will take place on the University of Exeter Streatham campus, with the exception of two field trips (Exeter Cathedral and Rougemont Castle).

Meeting point: Streatham campus main reception

Subject Activity Strand Content

Approaches to Literature, Visual Culture & Film

Participating students will take part in undergraduate-style seminars, led by specialists in their respective fields. The topics explored will include literature, film, visual culture, and creative writing, and students will have the opportunity to develop their own research projects and creative work over the course of the programme. These sessions will also provide an opportunity to meet with current students at Exeter, to discuss their experiences of studying English at university and of undergraduate life in general.

The eight sessions will involve some discussion-led group seminars, which will introduce students to the format and style of undergraduate teaching. The other sessions will include a creative writing workshop, a session on literature and history (which will include a visit to Exeter Cathedral), a class on film studies (which will include an opportunity to explore the archives of the Bill Douglas Museum), sessions on study skills and digital humanities (which will be held in Exeter University library), and finally a group project which will give participating students a chance to carry out their own research into the history and literature of witchcraft. Collectively, they will provide participants with a great chance to learn about the study of English at undergraduate level, and to help you decide whether the study of film and/or literature at university might be the right choice for you!


This subject activity strand has contributions from the following degree programmes:

  • BA English & Film
  • BA Art History & Visual Culture

Entry Requirements

In the event of this subject strand being oversubscribed, priority for places will be given to students studying English at A Level. 

Pass Criteria

A minimum of 6 out of the 8 subject activity sessions must be attended, in addition to the Exeter Scholars Student Conference.