Taking part in the Geography subject activity strand is a great way of learning about the exciting ways in which geography is studied within universities.

It provides an amazing opportunity to find out about a University campus and to meet and work with current staff and students in a relaxed and informal environment.

The programme is designed to give you an insight into life at university, and will show you the awesome power of a geography degree and where it could take you in your life!


5 x 5 hour sessions, including a field trip, to be held on weekdays between January and July, both in and out of term time.

Session 1 Wednesday 23rd January 2019 10:30–15:30 Streatham Campus
Session 2 Wednesday 20th February 2019 10:30–15:30 Streatham Campus
Session 3 Wednesday 10th April 2019 10:30–15:30 Streatham Campus
Session 4 Wednesday 19th June 2019 10:30–15:30 Streatham Campus
Session 5 Wednesday 17th July 2019 10:30–15:30 Streatham Campus

Activity Locations

All subject activity sessions will take place on the University of Exeter Streatham campus, with the exception of one field trip.

Meeting point: Amory building reception, Streatham campus

Subject Activity Strand Content

A geography degree is a passport to adventure and excitement, and this programme provides you with an awesome opportunity to see what it’s really like to study geography at university.

Our five stage programme will give you the chance to experience new ways of learning, meet with current students, talk to academic staff, and generally become familiar with life on the University’s Streatham campus.

Through a series of sessions and a local fieldtrip run by staff and students, you will get the chance to talk about student life, how learning differs from school and college, what geography is about at university, and where it could take you in the future.

The sessions that we offer are designed to be very informal and relaxed, and will be a fantastic opportunity to work with other prospective students in a vibrant and dynamic environment.

Don’t miss this chance – see where geography can take you!


This subject activity strand has contributions from the following degree programmes:

  • BSc Geography
  • BA Geography
  • BSc Geography with Applied Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this subject activity strand. 

Pass Criteria

A minimum of 4 out of the 5 subject activity sessions must be attended, in addition to the Exeter Scholars Student Conference.