Medical Professions

There’s more to medicine than white coats and stethoscopes –join us, and discover the amazing wealth of lesser known specialties, disciplines and careers within the Medical Professions.

We base our course on the University of Exeter’s particular areas of expertise: Medical Sciences, Medical Imaging, and Neuroscience.


5 x 5 hour sessions, to be held on weekdays between January and June, both in and out of term time.

Session 1 Saturday 2nd February 2019 09:30–16:30 The Forum, Streatham campus
Session 2 Wednesday 20th March 2019 12:00–16:00 St Luke's campus
Session 3 Wednesday 3rd April 2019 12:00–16:00 St Luke's campus
Session 4 Wednesday 24th April 2019 12:00–16:30 St Luke's campus
Session 5 Wednesday 5th June 2019 12:00–16:00 St Luke's campus

Activity Locations

All subject activity sessions will take place on the University of Exeter St Luke's campus.

Meeting point: South Cloisters foyer, St Luke's campus

Subject Activity Strand Content

Have you ever wondered how to take a CAT scan? How editing the genes of mice could help us eradicate disease from human DNA? Or even how you dream?

Supported by our enthusiastic expert staff, each of our 5 sessions will focus on a different field – drawn from the Medical School’s key areas of study in Medical Sciences, Diagnostic Radiography and cutting-edge Neuroscience – and shine a light on the untold stories of the wider medical field. You will have the opportunity to learn about the practice of medical professions from a variety of research and clinical perspectives, gain insight into course structure and requirements, and explore how many different passions and focuses co-operate to produce outstanding research and practice.

Our hands-on, interactive 5-hour sessions will take place in a variety of specialised teaching, research, and discipline-specific specialised environments.

Participation is key: by engaging fully in these sessions, you will have an exceptional opportunity to develop and refine many of the skills crucial for success in your future career within the medical professions.


This subject activity strand has contributions from the following degree programmes:

  • BSc Medical Sciences
  • BSc Medical Imaging
  • BSc Neuroscience

Entry Requirements

In order to be considered for this activity strand, you must be:

Studying 2 science subjects at A Level, one of which must be Biology


Studying 2 science subjects at Higher Level (International Baccalaureate), one of which must be Biology

Pass Criteria

A minimum of 4 out of the 5 subject activity sessions must be attended, in addition to the Exeter Scholars Student Conference.