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Year 9–11 Pathway Session Dates

Exeter Scholars Year 9–11 Pathway – Session Dates

Please complete the form below to indicate your intention to continue on the programme, and to confirm tutoring dates for your school.

Guidance for setting sessions for dates is as follows:

  • Year 9 sessions should take place in April to June 2020. 
  • Year 10 sessions should take place evenly throughout the 2019–20 academic year.
  • Year 11 sessions should take place in the autumn term of 2019.

IMPORTANT: In order to indicate that you wish to recruit a new year 9 cohort for 2019–20, we require you to submit these dates by Thursday 31st October, in order for applications from your students to be considered. 

IMPORTANT: The option to continue with the Year 9 pathway this year is only available to schools who had new year 9 students start on the programme in September 2018. If you did not have new year 9 students enrol on the programme in September 2018, you will proceed directly to the year 11 session date section.


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Continuing on the Year 9 Pathway 2019–20
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Year 9 Session Dates

Year 10 Session Dates

Please only complete the following section if you have students who are now in year 11 who are completing this pathway this year.

Year 11 Session Dates