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Grand Challenges Week counts towards the Exeter Award.

Grand Challenges Week 2018


There are six Challenges taking place on our Streatham Campus in 2018.

Four of the Challenges have run in previous years.

Climate Change - Challenge information - View previous outputs

Food for Thought - Challenge information - View previous outputs

Global Security - Challenge information - View previous outputs

Mental Health - Challenge information - View previous outputs

Two of the Challenges are new for 2018!

Gender Inequality - Challenge information

Ocean Plastic - Challenge information


For any queries prior to Grand Challenges Week, please email

For any queries during Grand Challenges week, visit the Grand Challenges information point in the centre of the Forum Street, or contact us at or 01392 725957.

Completing your Challenge

Everyone who completes Grand Challenges will receive a digital certificate and have participation recorded on the HEAR section of their degree transcript (the HEAR records details of all your non course-related engagement during your time at University). To have your participation in Grand Challenges recognised, you need to complete the following:

You can submit your work and monitor your progress on your MyCareerZone workflow.

Other Information


Grand Challenges will run from 9am-5pm each day. 

Each Challenge has its own personalised timetable of events. Your personalised timetable for the week will be on iExeter prior to Grand Challenges Week.


09:00-10:45 – Presentations in your Challenge groups – session 1

10:45-11:00 – Break

11:00-12:30 – Presentations in your Challenge groups – session 2

12:30-13:30 – Lunch break, and a couple of students from each group go to the Forum to set up for the showcase

13:30-15:30 – Showcase of projects in the Forum:

This is a chance to showcase what you’ve done to other students, staff, members of the public and special guests, and to see what students on other Challenges have produced.

There will also be speeches from University VIPs, drinks, nibbles and a live music performance from Semi-Toned.

There are a series of open sessions running throughout the week that are designed to support you with the creation of your output. These sessions are optional – you can decide if you think any of these sessions will be useful for you and your group.

Grand Challenges Skills training sessions

There are some Grand Challenges Skills training sessions running as face to face sessions during Grand Challenges Week, and some that you can access online at any time. These sessions are all optional and you should only attend if you think that any of them will be helpful in the creation of the group output(s) that you are making during the week.

Group Training sessions

Name of session Tuesday 5th June 08:30-10:30 Tuesday 5th June 10:30-12:30
Business pitching sign up here  
Online survey skills sign up here sign up here

How to launch a digital marketing campaign 

sign up here sign up here
Introduction to social entrepreneurship   sign up here

Online sessions

How to design an effective research poster:

How to conduct interviews:

Problem based learning:

Fab Lab

Fab Lab is a community resource in Exeter Central library which has equipment that can allow you to make a more creative output during Grand Challenges Week.

Fab Lab Introduction - Tuesday 5th June - 11:00-12:00 - sign up here. You may decide to send one or two people in your group to this session. 

Fab Lab workshops will then take place in Exeter Central Library on Wednesday 6th June and Thursday 7th June:

Name of session Description of what can be done Session times
Laser cutting and vinyl cutting

2D designs to be sent to the laser cutter to cut/engrave cardboard, plywood and acrylic. This could be used for signs, key rings, puzzles, cards, badges, slot together models.

2D designs to be sent to the vinyl cutter to cut 1 colour logos, text and designs to heat press onto t-shirts (students need to provide their own t-shirts) 

Wednesday 6th June 10:00-12:00

Thursday 7th June 13:00-16:00

3D printing 3D designs to be sent to the 3D printers to print small prototypes and 3D models.

Wednesday 6th June 13:00-16:00

Thursday 7th June 09:00-12:00

Vinyl cutting and collection of 3D prints

2D designs to be sent to the vinyl cutter to cut 1 colour logos, text and designs to heat press onto t-shirts (students need to provide their own t-shirts) 

Collecting any leftover work

Thursday 7th June 17:00-19:00

Digital development masterclasses

These sessions will be running on Wednesday 6th June 11:30-12:45. These masterclasses are part of an external conference but a small number of spaces have been made available to Grand Challenge students. Please sign up in advance of these sessions by following the sign-up links below.

Paper prototyping for getting ideas moving for digital solutions. Run by NeonTribe - Sign up here

Working on a range of web and app development projects, Harry and Katja are used to turning ideas into digital products.

Focussing on paper prototyping, you will learning about using paper prototypes to present your ideas, engage with users, and move through development stages quickly and efficiently. You do not need any experience in building digital solutions or be tech-minded to take part.  

Know how to put the user in the centre of digital developments. Run by Charlie Young, Spider Corp - Sign up here

Helping to build apps for Change4Life and other amazing projects, Charlie is passionate about bringing the user of the technology into the conversation from the start.

In this masterclass, you will be learning about the stages of user-centred design and then getting hands on with approaches for developing your ideas and concepts into solutions. You do not need any experience in building digital solutions or be tech-minded to take part.  

Printing for the week is paid for by Grand Challenges. When using printers across campus, you will not be charged during the week.

Professional Printing at Print Services

This can be used for large format printing (anything over A3) and printing on non-paper.

Submit your request via the Print Services online portal.

24 hours’ notice is required for all requests so:

  • If you need something printing for the Friday morning presentations, this needs to be sent to Print Services by the end of Wednesday
  • If you need something printing for the Friday afternoon showcase, this needs to be sent to Print Services by 13:00 on Thursday.

When submitting your requests, please ensure that you do the following:

  • Make sure that ‘Grand Challenges’ is included in the job title
  • Select ‘gloss’ as the type of paper, unless you have a specific reason for wanting to print on something different.
  • Select ‘pay at store’ and in the ‘special instructions’ box, write the name of your challenge. The printing will then be paid for by Grand Challenges.
  • In the ‘special instructions’ box, put when you need the printing to be completed by (remembering that it needs to be at least 24 hours’ notice).

If you are unable to give 24 hours’ notice, please call Print Services to see if they can accommodate your request.

If you are planning to carry out a piece of research, interview or survey people, you need to make sure that this is within the ethical parameters set out for Grand Challenges, and that your facilitator or academic approves your idea before you carry it out. You should also also ensure that everyone who takes part in your research signs a consent form, and that the template consent form is appropriately edited for all group activities, by referring to the following guidance notes

If you are planning to photograph, video or audio record someone, then you need to make sure that they sign the additional photography and recording consent form.

We have a series of flip cameras and Dictaphones that are available to loan out throughout the week. You can loan these out from the Grand Challenges information desk in the centre of the Forum Street.

You can borrow a Forum netbook laptop from the library.

  • Netbooks only work properly when they are within the wireless range, i.e. on the University campus. Please do not take them out of range. They switch off automatically if they lose connection to the campus wifi, so don't take them off site!
  • The only software on netbook computers is Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer.

Final Cut X and Logic Pro X software are available in a multimedia room on campus. Please contact the Grand Challenges Team if you wish to use this room. We need advance notice if you wish to use this room, so please let us know early in the week if you think you will.

There are small funds available for students on each Challenge to purchase items for their outputs during the week. If a student wishes to purchase something, they need to:

  • Speak to their academic/facilitator who will need to authorise the purchase
  • Speak to the Grand Challenges team at the information point in the Forum Street. The purchase will either be made online or students will be given cash. Cash will be given to students in exchange for their reciept for what they have purchased. 

If you would like to continue working on your project, there are a number of initiatives available at the University that can support you in doing so. There are also other opportunities to enhance the skills you have developed during Grand Challenges Week and gain other relevant experiences. This document has details of all of these initatives. 

During Grand Challenges Week, please spread the word about the exciting things that you are getting up to, by posting photos, videos and updates on social media using the hashtag #GCExeter.

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