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GSI Scientific working paper series

The GSI scientific working paper series publishes pieces intended for communicating relevant science to members of the academic and scientific communities, on the topic of global and earth systems governance. In particular, the intention is to offer an open-access repository for accessible but rigorously scientific working papers to promote the use of robust science in decision-making and in promoting sustainability with a systems perspective.

Working paper series number 2021/01

Operationalising Positive Tipping Points towards Global Sustainability

Timothy M. Lenton1*, Scarlett Benson2, Talia Smith2, Theodora Ewer2, Victor Lanel2, Elizabeth Petykowski2, Thomas W. R. Powell1, Jesse F. Abrams1,3, Fenna Blomsma4, Simon Sharpe5,6

1Global Systems Institute, University of Exeter, Exeter EX4 4QE, UK;2SYSTEMIQ, 69 Carter Lane, London, EC4V 5EQ, UK;3Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, University of Exeter, Exeter EX4 4QE, UK;4Universität Hamburg, Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences, Hamburg, Germany;5Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, University College London, London, UK 6UK Government Cabinet Office, COP26 Unit, London, UK

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Working paper series number 2020/01‌

Risk-opportunity analysis for transformative policy design and appraisal

Scientific working paper series 1Jean-Francois Mercure1,2,3* , Simon Sharpe4* , Jorge Vinuales2 , Matthew Ives5,6 , Michael Grubb7 , Hector Pollitt2,3 , Florian Knobloch2 , Femke Nijsse1 1 Global Systems Institute, University of Exeter, UK 2 Cambridge Centre for Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Governance, University of Cambridge, UK 3 Cambridge Econometrics, Cambridge, UK 4 Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, UCL, UK 5 Institute for New Economic Thinking, Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK 6 Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford, Oxford UK 7 Institute for Sustainable Resources, University College London, UK


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