Our Research

We have internationally-leading research expertise and capability. This allows us to undertake a holistic approach to the understanding and modelling of complex human-environment systems. Our aim is to better predict global changes through understanding the interactions between the climate, natural ecosystems, human social and economic systems, and the built environment. This requires advancing the state of the art in modelling the Earth system and its sub-systems, including social, economic and engineered (social-ecological) systems. It also requires the full range of experimental, observational, engineering and action research across disciplines. Rather than study these systems just to understand the problems we face, we will apply that understanding and modelling capability to identify transformative solutions to the global challenges faced by humankind, providing societies with an appraisal of the options to create a better future together. 

We bring together a truly transdisciplinary group of researchers, educators and impact generators, who span relevant parts of the sciences, mathematics, engineering, social sciences, arts and humanities. We have at our core Earth system scientists, climate and environmental scientists, geographers, environmental economists and engineers, who seek to understand, monitor and model complex environmental systems and scope-out sustainable futures. They all share a focus on tackling climate change and related global challenges.

We are in the process of reflecting our research expertise and current projects against the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Once this is complete an interactive version will be available on our website.

UN Sustainable Development Goals