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Cornwall Research Hub

Cornwall Research Hub Leads: Dr Saptarshi Das and Dr Bram Kuijper

The IDSAI Cornwall Hub is focussed on real-world data-driven fundamental research in machine learning, computational statistics and artificial intelligence methods to solve challenges arising in control theory and optimisation, dynamical systems, signal and image processing, large-scale and computing intensive numerical modelling with diverse application areas in renewable energy, environment, geoscience and mining, mathematical and computational biology, epidemiology, fluid dynamics and biomedical engineering.

It aims to facilitate co-ordination of cross-disciplinary theoretical and applied research on data science and AI in the context of Cornwall and beyond, by engaging with local industries, small and medium-size business and other stakeholders. We work closely with colleagues from the Centre for Mathematics and the Environment (Maths-Env), Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI), Centre for Ecology and Conservation (CEC), Camborne School of Mines (CSM), Renewable Energy and Energy Policy Group at the Penryn Campus, and the European Centre for Environment & Human Health (ECEHH) at the Truro Campus.

The IDSAI Cornwall Hub aims to bring together diverse complementary expertise using both quantitative and qualitative data from physical, environmental, biological, medical, engineering, economic and social sciences in order to create new transdisciplinary collaborations and research projects.