Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities Theme Lead: Professor Leif Isaksen

The IDSAI Digital Humanities Theme is dedicated to exploring issues related to the opportunities and limits of Data Science & AI in the Arts, Humanities and Social Science, including:

  • What is ‘data’ in the context of the Arts and Humanities? What conceptual frameworks might it impose and/or expose?
  • Can Data Science and AI help us understand complex human processes by tackling simpler questions more efficiently?
  • How can we model, record, represent and evaluate uncertain, unreliable and/or fragmentary information?
  • Can AI support the analysis of texts, images and other media by identifying structures and relationships in and across repositories or the Web?

This Theme also actively collaborates with the Data Governance, Algorithms and Values Theme in considering the ethics, social dynamics and epistemology of data as they relate to the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Digital Humanities Lab is a state of the art facility offering unique spaces, equipment and training for staff and students. A specialist team conducts and supports innovative Digital Humanities research, offers training and teaching, and undertakes the digital preservation and display of historic material and artefacts using advanced technologies.

The University of Exeter has invested £1.2m in a new research space for the Digital Humanities Lab, where researchers can curate digital exhibitions, carry out high-resolution photography of manuscripts and other visual materials, and create professional quality video and audio recordings. They are able to create digital facsimiles of the objects, allowing them to be handled and understood in a virtual space, protecting the original artefacts for future generations.