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Economics, Finance and Business

Economics, Finance & Business

Economics, Finance and Business Theme Lead: Oliver Hauser

The "Economics, Finance & Business" themed group at the IDSAI studies how artificial intelligence (AI) will impact all aspects of economic, financial and social behaviour. We explore the emergence, spread and consequences of AI technology in the market and in firms, and study the moral and societal implications that these technologies will have.

Our group also works closely with computer and data scientists to develop and apply new AI tools to study their effects on the productivity of workers, help organisational leaders improve their decision-making, and help policy-makers regulate ethical behaviour of individuals and firms. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of this work—ranging from individuals to groups, from firms to markets, from technologies to morals—we welcome enquiries from doctoral, postdoctoral and faculty researchers in all disciplines, including but not limited to economics, finance, management, psychology, marketing, anthropology as well as computer/data science.

For all enquiries, please email Oliver at

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