Health: Medical Science

Clinical Theme Lead: Professor Tim Frayling

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Related centres of excellence in Exeter

The European Centre for Environment and Human Health conducts world-class research into the complex links between the environment and human health. Part of the University of Exeter Medical School and supported by funding from the European Union, we are analysing both the risks and benefits the environment poses to health, and ensuring our findings have relevance to the UK’s business community.

The Centre is Directed by Professor Lora Fleming

The Centre for Biomedical Modelling and Analysis (CBMA) is based in the £52million LSI Building and is funded by the Wellcome Trust's ISSF scheme in 2015. Following the initial grant in 2015, our research is funded by a further Wellcome ISSF award lasting until 2021, which set up our newer focus TREE, with an emphasis on translation and impact. Funding is provided for a number of Research Fellows and secondment opportunities, as well as grants to support interdisciplinary projects within the University, and with external organisations and institutions. The Centre focuses on continued engagement with the public as well as other partners such as clinicians, charities and industry.

CBMA supports and develops interdisciplinary research from across the three STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine) colleges at the University of Exeter. It aims to understand the fundamental physiological processes that facilitate health and the perturbations that can lead to disease. This knowledge is applied in innovative ways to improve treatment and quality of life. To do this the Centre bridges traditional divides between disciplines, and provides the funding and networks to initiate collaborative projects.

The Centre is directed by Professor John Terry.

The Wellcome Wolfson Medical Research Centre, the Wellcome Biomedical Informatics Hub and the EPSRC Centre for Biomedical Modelling and Analysis are all foci of translational data intensive research.

The Wellcome Trust Biomedical Informatics Hub is a virtual Hub that helps maximise output from emerging technologies and large datasets. The pace of change in fields such as microscopy, sequencing and other high throughput technologies means that new informatics methodologies and new computational infrastructures are required to integrate and interrogate data. The Hub is a team of data experts in bioinformatics, metabolomics and proteomics, tomography and image analysis, computing and statistics. The team provide analytical support for biomedical research and a range of training.provide analytical support for biomedical research and a range of training.