IIB themes

Innovation, Impact and Business (IIB) support our internal academic community and external businesses, government bodies and other external organisations under five external facing themes:

  • Manufacturing, Materials, Infrastructure, Energy;
  • Environment, Sustainability and Food Security;
  • Healthcare and Biotech;
  • Government and Society;
  • Culture.

This enables us to:

  • Accelerate partner engagement, through brokering relationships and facilitating discussions;
  • Build a community of industrial and governmental connections;
  • Support the development of new knowledge, technologies and solutions for businesses;
  • Connect academics and businesses more effectively to;
  • Identify multidisciplinary opportunities and stimulating research questions.

Manufacturing, Materials, Infrastructure, Energy

Led by: Rebecca Adams

Sub-themeSub-theme Lead
Infrastructure and civil engineering Rebecca Adams
Data and digital Dr Isabel Gonzalez
Advanced manufacturing and materials James McNaughton
Energy and Marine Jim Grant
Mining Alison Colclough

Environment, Sustainability and Food Security

Led by: Dr Beccy Mitchell

Sub-theme Sub-theme Lead
Climate and environmental futures Dr Beccy Mitchell
Ecology, biodiversity and conservation Alan Denbigh
Water Dr Dawn Scott
Food security, land use and environmental economics Alex Huke

Healthcare and Biotech

Led by: Dr Adrian Hill

Sub-themeSub-theme Lead
Pharma, biotech and diagnostics Dr Adrian Hill
Pharma, biotech and diagnostics Malcom Hetheridge
Wellbeing and public health Emma Bland
Wellbeing and public health Emma Seymour

Government and Society

Led by: Dr Bridget Sealey

Sub-themeSub-theme Lead
Education Dr Bridget Sealey
Government, crime, justice, law Jess Hurrell
Defence, security, conflict Michelle Spillar
Finance, tax, organisations in transition, entrepreneurship


Led by: Brigid Howarth

Sub-themeSub-theme Lead
Culture Brigid Howarth
Digital, media and content Jay Gascoigne
Arts Jodie West
Heritage Colette Defoe


College Business Partners

Alongside the themes, each College within the university has an IIB College Business Partner who works closely with the Associate Dean for Research (ADR) / Associate Dean for Education (ADE), in collaboration with the Business Partners for Research Services and Global Engagement and Development (GED).

This ensures we have a joined up approach to the portfolio and the delivery of College plans.

CollegeBusiness Partner
University of Exeter Business School Michelle Spillar
College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences Rebecca Adams
College of Humanities  Brigid Howarth
College of Life and Environmental Sciences Dr Beccy Mitchell
College of Social Sciences and International Studies Dr Bridget Sealey
University of Exeter Medical School Dr Adrian Hill

Get in touch

To find out more about how IIB could support you, contact your Theme Lead or College Business Partner. Any member of the team will be happy to help.