"The Exeter Impact Awards are a valuable opportunity for academics to promote their work and reach a diverse audience. Receiving an award helped me convince funders of the potential impact of our research."

Dr David Llewellyn, University of Exeter Medical School

About the Exeter Impact Awards

The Exeter Impact Awards is a bi-annual event that celebrates the diverse range and world-wide benefits of research taking place across the University of Exeter.

The awards focus on high level research which has successfully benefitted the wider economy and society.

What is impact?

Research with impact delivers a benefit or contribution to society. Impact is evident in recognisable changes to:

  • Public policy and / or public services.
  • Commercial or industrial activity.
  • Quality of life and cultural outputs.

The reach and significance of research is taken into account in each factor (ie, the number of people affected and to what extent).


For more information about the Exeter Impact Awards please contact:

Pete Hodges, Communication and Marketing Services
Email: research-events@exeter.ac.uk
Phone: 01392 722321