Induction Facilitators

Academic College

When choosing an Induction Facilitator, as a matter of courtesy please contact them in advance of submitting the ESR1 to check that they are available to support your new staff member.

Streatham Campus

  • Jenni Marshall (Streatham, all PS staff and professorial appointments)
  • Deb Ford (Centre for Water Systems Group)
  • Linda Mcllwraith (Exeter Climate Systems Group)
  • Leo de Sousa Webb (Exeter Climate Systems Group & Mathematics (Laver Building)
  • Jade Patricia Hayes (EMPS EPSRC TEAM-A award)
  • Emma Way (Astrophysics Group)
  • Liza Cheshire (Centre for Biomedical Modelling and Analysis, EPSRC Centre for Predictive Modelling in Healthcare, Translational Research Exchange at Exeter)
  • Nia Owen (Centre for Water Systems Group)
  • Natalie Stone
  • Rachel Bennett
  • Aida Allise Percival
  • Karina Scholpp (LSI)

Penryn Campus 

  • Catherine Bissett - All Penryn Staff Inductions
  • Kerrie Gove
  • Laura Newberry
  • Lucy Hodges (WCCEH only)
  • Keleigh Burgess (Penryn)


  • Fiona Isaac


  • Fiona Isaac


  • Rebekah Welton


  • Alice Waterson


  • Rosie Logiudice

Modern Languages

  • Rebekah Welton


  • Rosie Logiudice
  • Lindsey Beasley (Biosciences - Geoffrey Pope - Academic & Research Staff)
  • Charlotte Leach (LSI)
  • Anne Nicholls (Geography/Earth Systems Science - Laver & Hatherly)
  • Jessica Thorn (Laver Building)
  • Caroline Haughian (Hatherly)
  • Charlie Dibble (Psychology)
  • Karen Swanston (Psychology)
  • Sabrina Andrews (Psychology)
  • Bethany MacLachlan (Psychology, CEDAR)
  • Kristina Ivanova (Washington Singer & Mood Discorders Centre - CEDAR)
  • Jo Rees (Psychology, CEDAR)
  • Hayley Bateman (Psychology, Mood Disorders Centre)
  • Clare Fogarty (Sport & Health Sciences, St Luke's)
  • Isabel Castle (Geography - Amory)
  • Kristina Ivanova (Washington Singer and Mood Disorders Centre - CEDAR Staff)
  • Katie Bone (Penryn - Kevin Gaston's Research Groups)
  • Annette Wolske (CLES)
  • Natascha Steinberg (Technical Services staff: Hatherley, Washington Singer and Amory)
  • Katie Stewart (Mood Disorders Centre / Wellcome Building)
  • Jessica Hancock (PS Staff)
  • Anna Brooking (PS Staff)
  • Joy Richards (Bioscences Technicians - Geoffrey Pope)
  • Karina Scholpp (LSI Building)
  • Daniella Farina (Penryn - ESI Building)
  • Jodie Sanderson (Penryn)
  • Michelle Hares (Penryn)
  • Sally Bennett (Penryn)
  • Keleigh Burgess (Penryn)

DVRC - Wonford

  • Jill Weller

ECEHH Knowledge Spa Admin

  • Martine Paynter

RILD, Wonford

  • Lucy Lofthouse (Levels 3 & 4 RILD Building)
  • Marcus Mitchell (Clinical Research Facility Staff Level 2)
  • Lorna Harries - Senior Academic Staff only
  • Steven Spaull - (Clinical Research Facility Staff Level 2)
  • Jo Spinks (Levels 3 & 4 RILD Building)
  • Nicky-Anne Archer IBCS
  • Madeleine Geen (Level 3/4 RILD)

St Luke's

  • Joy Choules ( Primary Care, Smeall Building)
  • Sam Scott (IHR, Primary Care, Smeall Building) 
  • Leigh Curtis (IHR, College House)
  • Madeleine Geen (Executive Support Office)
  • Susan Westoby (IBCS, Medical School Building)
  • Pamela Willox (Education, College House) 
  • Victoria McKenna (Infrastructure, College House)
  • Wendy Cowell (Mental Health Research Group College House)
  • Sue Bosley (Child Health Group, South Cloisters) 
  • Cath Hopkins (PenCLAHRC, South Cloisters) 
  • Leala Watson (Health Economics, South Cloisters) 
  • Sue Whiffin (PenTAG, South Cloisters)
  • Julie Chudley (Complex Interventions and Primary Care, South Cloisters and Smeall)
  • Lucy Evans (Health Services Research, Complex Interventions Research Group, South Cloisters)
  • Charlotte Hewlett (South Cloisters - PenCLAHRC)
  • Annette Wolske (REACH Team, South Cloisters)
  • Joanne Jacob (College House)
  • Felicity Ford (Clinical Trials Unit)
  • Natalie Stone (College Exec Support, Med School Building)
  • Josie Sweetland (College Exec Support, Med School Building)
  • Samantha Dick (College Exec Support, Med School Building)

RCH, Truro

  • Alison Curnow (Cells and Molecular Biology)
  • Anne Davidson (Knowledge Spa)

ESI Penryn

  • Daniella Farina 

Hatherley Laboratories

  • Susan McGowan (Biomedical Neuroscience Research Group)

LSI Building

  • Karina Scholpp
  • Jane Browning (GSE)
  • Ellie Anderson
  • Laura Shears
  • Jo Smithson (GSE - St Luke's)
  • Sarah Roberts (IAIS)
  • Charlotte Rushforth (Law - Amory)
  • Kate Wannell (Law - Amory)
  • Jemma Buddle (Politics)
  • Debbie Ironside-Smith (Politics SSI - Knightley)
  • Sue Harding (Politics - Lazenby)
  • David Morning (SPA - Amory)
  • Emma Tranter (SPA - Amory)
  • Chee Wong (SPA - Byrne House)
  • Hannah Murdock (Q-Step Centre, Clayden Building)
  • Keleigh Burgess (Penryn)
  • Caroline Harvey
  • Kristen Brind
  • Helen Bell
  • Laura Hayward
  • Ophelia Lindley
  • Ariana Sevilla
  • Joshua Papanicola
  • Sharon Gove
  • Laura Dixon (VISTA AR)
  • Emily Morris (LEEP & SWEEP)
  • Frances Lumbers (INDEX (Initiative in the Digital Economy at Exeter))
  • Kate Morton (Tax Administration Research Centre (TARC) staff)