Codes of conduct for appointed representatives of the University of Exeter

The University of Exeter values highly the relationships that it has built with its appointed representatives around the world.  We believe that we offer an exceptional service in respect of the training and support that we provide, services that we feel our representatives have every right to expect of a university in the Top 10 nationally, and in the Top 200 worldwide.

In return for this support and the ability to represent our interests in respect of advice to potential students, we feel it is important that our agents adhere not only to the letter of the law in our contracts, but to the high standards of behaviour that we expect.

The following Code of Conduct follows closely the existing Guide to good practice for education agents, as published by the British Council - which should be read in conjunction with this Code.  Our Code sets out the conduct we expect, contractually and otherwise, our representatives to follow.

  1. Agents appointed by the University of Exeter shall at all times conduct themselves with integrity, and in a manner that reflects positively on the image of their profession and of the University of Exeter.  We expect our agents to be reliable, professional, honest and trustworthy providers of advice to students.  This guiding principle informs the others that follow, and encompasses all aspects of an agent's activities.
  2. Agents shall promote themselves and the University of Exeter in a professional and ethical manner, ensuring that their activities reflect best practice.  The University of Exeter expects both ethical behaviour ('doing the right thing') and high standards of professionalism ('doing the job well') from all those agents who represent our interests.  'Best practice' means that an agent's activities should not be of a kind that might bring discredit either on the University of Exeter, or on the UK Higher Education sector generally.  It also means adopting a reflective attitude of continuous self-assessment, and constantly striving to improve.
  3. Agents appointed by the University of Exeter shall be honest in communicating information about themselves or the University, be that in published, oral or any other form.  They shall not knowingly or by a failure of professional standards provide or disseminate false, incomplete or misleading information.  Such information shall include, but not be restricted to information about facilities, entry requirements, admissions processes, course content, fees and living costs.  All claims made by an agent about itself, the University of Exeter or client students shall be capable of being substantiated, whether to the University or to other appropriate parties as United Kingdom Visas and Immigration. The advice and information you provide as an agent of the University of Exeter must be consistent with the UK Competition and Markets Authority Advice on Consumer Protection Law. You should be familiar with this guidance and engage with University briefings and training about this as requested.
  4. Information provided to potential students shall be sufficient and accurate enough to enable them to make an informed judgement.  Agents shall not in any published or orally delivered information omit any fact which may reasonably be of material relevance to a student, where an omission might be construed as being misleading.  The accidental production or dissemination of incorrect or incomplete information is likely to be viewed in itself as evidence of a failure to adhere to professional standards, except where there may be compelling evidence to suggest otherwise.
  5. Agents shall promote themselves and the University of Exeter fairly and without recourse to unfavourable, inaccurate, misleading or negative comparison with other institutions, nor shall they employ unfair or unprofessional practice to damage the interests of other institutions.
  6. Agents shall at all times act in the best interests of students or prospective students as well as of the University of Exeter.  They shall offer advice and counselling and provide information to students, and where appropriate their parents or sponsors, in a manner consistent with this principle.
  7. Agents shall conduct themselves with due regard to the regulatory conditions in the markets in which they operate.  They shall comply with all applicable national laws, regulations and official policies.
  8. Agents shall conduct themselves with due regard to the need for transparency and openness in all their dealings with the University of Exeter.
  9. Agents shall adhere to the University's Code of Conduct for Third Parties in respect of the UK Bribery Act of 2010.  A breach of the sub-clause relevant to this Act in the contract signed between an agent and the University of Exeter shall be deemed a material breach of contract, and may lead to immediate termination of the Contract.