Postgraduate applications

Postgraduate applications should be sent directly to the University. They are processed by our centralised Postgraduate Admissions team. Visit the How to Apply pages of the Postgraduate Study website for more information about how your students can apply for postgraduate study.

When assisting students with their postgraduate applications, please be aware of the following:

  • There is no official closing date for postgraduate applications. However, we strongly advise that your students apply as soon as possible. In particular, they should be aware of any scholarship deadlines that will require them to apply before a certain date.
  • If you apply online using the online applications system we aim to process the application within 20 working days. These turnaround times refer to the time between acknowledging receipt of a complete application to the e-mailing of the offer decision (please note that this excludes, weekends, bank holidays and University closure days). Please note that for an application to be considered complete all sections of the form must be completed, academic transcripts must be included and at least one reference on headed paper should be provided. While we endeavour to meet this target at all times, in the very busy months of July and August application processing times may be slightly longer than usual - so again, please encourage your students to apply early.
  • Please quote your student's name, SITS number (student number) and the programme applied for in all correspondence with the University.
  • Please contact the Postgraduate Admissions team via our online contact form as soon as possible if your student wants to defer, or if they fail to meet any conditions of their offer.
  • If your student receives offers for more than one programme, please notify the Admissions team of all decisions, not just their decision regarding their chosen programme (e.g. 'Student x would like to accept their offer to study MSc Financial Analysis and Fund Management, and decline their offer to study MSc Finance and Investment').
  • Please ensure that the contact details your student gives on their application form are correct. The Admissions team send emails to both contact addresses ('Permanent Home Address' and 'Temporary Address (if applicable) for correspondence'). If you do not want your students to receive any direct correspondence from us, then please give your agency's contact details for both addresses (Permanent and Temporary). If you would like your students to receive correspondence from us, then please give their home address in the Permanent Address section, and your agency's contact details in the Temporary Address section.
  • If you would like correspondence from the University to go to a particular person within your agency (i.e. the agent that has advised a particular student) then please ensure that you enter their name in the first line of the Temporary Address section.
  • Please note that our offers are sent via email.
  • If you are sending us scanned copy of your students' application forms, then please stamp them with your agency's stamp. This will help us to quickly see that those students have applied through your agency.
  • Please send us copies of final examination or English results as soon as they are available. Documents to support postgraduate applications should be uploaded via our online portal (‘Applicant Gateway’) as detailed in our offer letter and shown in the gateway instructions.