Module descriptions 2016/17 (2017/18 will be added soon)

‌International Foundation Programme

Module codeModule titleModule descriptor
INT0002 British History and Institutions 1 ‌‌INT0002
INT0005 Introduction to Management INT0005
INT0006 Introduction to Accounting and Finance INT0006
INT0007 Foundation Mathematics INT0007
INT0010 Introduction to Computer Science INT0010
INT0012 Introduction to Physical Science INT0012
INT0013 Introduction to Psychology INT0013
INT0015 Foundation Chemistry INT0015
INT0016 Foundation Biology INT0016
INT0017 Introduction to Economics INT0017
INT0018 Introduction to English Law and the English Legal System 1 INT0018
INT0019 Introduction to English Law and the English Legal System 2 INT0019
INT0020 Maths 1 for Foundation ‌‌INT0020
INT0021 Maths 2 for Foundation INT0021
INT0026 Introduction to World Politics and International Relations INT0026
INT0027 Introduction to Film and Literary Studies INT0027
INT0028 Study Skills INT0028
INT0029 English for Academic Study INT0029
INT0030 Introduction to Computer Science


INT0031 Foundation Biology 2 (Human Biology) INT0031

International Year One Accounting and Finance AND Management and Business Economics

Module codeModule titleModule descriptor
INT1001 English Language Skills for Undergraduate Studies INT1001
INT1003 Introduction to Statistics INT1003
INT1005 Management Concepts and Practice INT1005
INT1008 Introduction to Financial Accounting INT1008
INT1009 Introduction to Management Accounting ‌‌INT1009
INT1013 Principles of Economics (Microeconomics)
INT1011 Accounting for Management and Economics INT1011
INT1012 Fundamentals of Marketing INT1012
INT1014 Principles of Economics (Macroeconomics) INT1014

International Year One Engineering

Module codeModule titleModule descriptor
INT1101 English Language and Study Skills for Engineering


INT1102 Core Engineering (Project) ‌‌INT1102
INT1104 Materials and Manufacturing ‌‌‌INT1104
INT1107 Electronics for Engineers INT1107
INT1105 Engineering Mechanics ‌‌INT1105
INT1106 Engineering Mathematics ‌‌INT1106
INT1108 Core Engineering (Mcehanics, Materials and Electronics) INT1108

International Year One Psychology

Module codeModule titleModule descriptor
INT1020 Psychological Concepts, Language and Study Skills   ‌

Graduate Diploma

Module codeModule titleModule descriptor
INT3600 English Language and Communication Skills INT3600
INT3601 Business Based Dissertation INT3601
INT3602 Marketing Management INT3602
INT3603 Operations Management INT3603
INT3604 Human Resources Management INT3604
INT3605 Financial Management INT3605
INT3606 Fundamentals of Investments INT3606

Update & Approve


Module CodeModule TitleModule Descriptor
INT0031 English for University Study (EUS) INT0031