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Pre-university Summer School

13 July – 27 July 2019

Our Pre-University Summer School at the University of Exeter is designed for students between 15 and 18 years of age who would like to learn more about their ideal study choice at university and beyond in an international environment.

The summer programme is designed to give students an insight into their possible future at university and then take them beyond by giving everyone the opportunity to look at careers and even develop some of the practical skills of these careers while learning from each other with different international perspectives.

A key stream throughout the programme is to also provide the opportunity for students to develop their life skills that would be required first of all within Higher Education and then beyond in their professional lives, including intensive studies of some of the global challenges facing these careers from outbreaks of disease in developing countries to economic crashes and international security.

By participating in our Pre—University summer programme, we aim to provide each student with an informed opinion on their future course of study and how best to approach it and their potential future professions.

Alongside our academic programme, we provide an exciting and inclusive social programme to encourage the students to get to know each other and make connections internationally that could last for life. The activities are designed to give the students a chance to try something new and push their own boundaries or simply explore and make new friends.


Over 450 students from 35 countries have joined our Summer School. Discover why they enjoyed the experience so much by clicking 'play'.