Pre-arrival information

We look forward to welcoming you! The information below will direct you to relevant pre-arrival information.

  1. Visit the International Student Support webpages - read the 'before you arrive' pages and the 'when you arrive' pages. Remember to book your 'meet and greet' airport collection service from Heathrow Airport (if applicable) and take advantage of the Global Chums Mentoring Scheme.
  2. View the International Welcome programme. On Monday you are expected to attend our Study Abroad Welcome Talk and other sessions designed for exchange students with your Study Abroad Coordinator in your College.
  3. Check what time your Welcome Talk and Study Abroad Coordinator meeting is (found below!)
  4. Read your pre-arrival emails carefully - the first one is sent in June to the email address provided in your application. You will receive approximately one per month until your arrival.

Exeter-based campuses

There will be a compulsory Welcome Talk for Study Abroad, Erasmus and International Exchange students on Monday 17th September in the Alumni Auditorium.

The Study Abroad and International Exchange talk is at 12:00-12:30.

The Erasmus talk (including students from EU, EEA) is at 13:00-13:30.

Further details can be found on the International Student Support webpages.


There will be an induction session for all inbound study abroad and exchange students, time TBC.

Further details can be found on the When you arrive in Cornwall webpages.

Module Allocation

Please see below a list of our College Study Abroad Coordinators.  You will need to meet with your Coordinator at the date/time shown below to discuss and finalise your modules.  You should first visit the Coordinator where you are undertaking the majority of your modules (your 'home' College) and then visit the College where you may be taking additional modules.  If you are unsure which College you should see first, please get in touch by emailing

Exeter-based (Streatham and St Luke's Campuses)

College/SchoolDisciplineCoordinatorMeeting Time/Location
Business School All Gemma York

Tuesday 18th September 10-12, Registration & Academic Skills talk.  Streatham Court D

Tuesday 18th September 2-4, Registration & Academic Skills talk, Streatham Court D

Wednesday 19th September, 10-12  Drop-in session, Building One, Pearson Teaching room.


From Thursday 20th September, 10-11 and 2-3, every day, Streatham Court 0.27

Engineering, Maths and Physical Sciences (EMPS) Engineering Dr Khurram Wadee and

Welcome Talk:

  Computer Science Dr Leon Danon Welcome Talk: 
  Maths Prof. Pierre Friedlingstein

Welcome Talk: 

Module registration:

  Physics Dr Charles Williams

Welcome Talk:

Module Registration:

Flexible Combined Honours (FCH)* All Tim Seelig Introductory Session:

Monday 17th September 3.30 - 4.30. Queen's Building LT2
Humanities (HUMS) Archaeology, Art History, Classics & Ancient History, Drama, English, Film, History, Modern Languages, Theolgy & Religion, FLC Steve Bassett and Lindsay Tuck

Welcome Talk to HUMS students: Tuesday 18th September
9.30 - 10.30
Location TBC.

Module Registration:
HUMS students only:
Tuesday 18th September
11.00 - 1.00, Forum Exploration Lab 1, Computer Room.

Module Registration  - HUMS students only drop-ins:
Tuesday 18th September 2.00 - 4.00,  Forum Exploration Lab - Computer Room

Module Registration - HUMS students only drop-ins:
Wednesday 19th September, 9:30 - 1.00 and 2.00 - 4.00.  Laver Building, Room 300

Module Registration
- All Other Students
Thursday 20th September, 9.30 - 1.00 and 2.00 - 4.00.  Laver Building, Room 300

INTO Centre English Language Modules Emma Sweeney

Introductory talk:

Placement tests:

Life & Environmental Sciences (LES) Biosciences Dr Tetsu Kudoh and Meg Harris

 Welcome talk:

Module registration:

  Geography Prof. Angela Gallego-Sala

Geography students only:

All other students:

  Psychology Dr Aureliu Lavric and Lisa Tabbenor

Welcome Talk:

Induction Session

Module Allocation:


Sport and Health Sciences

Dr Brad Metcalf

Module Registration
Sport Science students only:
Wednesday 19th September, 11.00 in Room RB105, Richards Building, St Luke's Campus.

All other students: Thursday 20th September, 11.00 in Room RB105, Richards Building, St Luke's Campus.

Social Sciences & International Studies Arab & Islamic Studies, Law, Politics, Sociology, Philosophy & Anthropology Issie Hatfield

Welcome Talk to Social Sciences students:
Tuesday 18th September
10.30-11.30 in Queens's building, Room LT2

Drop-ins for SSIS and non-SSIS stduents to be confirmed.

Penryn Campus

All exchange students                                              

*Flexible Combined Honours: Erasmus students studying at the University of Exeter through a 'Broad General Programmes' partnership agreement will be homed with our Flexible Combined Honours Department. Study Abroad and International Exchange students who request to study modules (courses) in many different departments may be homed in our Flexible Combined Honours Department. This department permits students to study two to three different subjects.

Student Support & Societies

Arriving after Monday 17 September

If you cannot attend the orientation sessions on Monday 17 September and will arrive later in Freshers' Week please contact the Study Abroad Team.

If you cannot attend Fresher's Week at all, you must notify and gain written permission from your College and the Study Abroad Team.