Opportunities abroad

Your university experience at Exeter can reach far beyond the South West of England: the Study Abroad team facilitates student mobility across Europe and internationally through a number of recognised schemes as part of your degree programme. Students who have studied abroad demonstrate initiative, independence, motivation and, depending on where they stay, may also have gained a working knowledge of another language – all qualities employers are looking for. 

European Study Abroad (Erasmus+)

The Erasmus+ scheme is an education exchange programme allowing students and staff to work and study in other eligible European destinations as an integral part of their degree programmes.  Erasmus+ is funded by the European Commission and provides grants to support study and work mobilities within the EU and EEA.

Exeter’s highly successful Erasmus+ programme is well established and we are proud that some of our cross channel partners house the best departments in Europe in particular disciplines.  Information on Erasmus work placements can be found within the Career Zone and our Erasmus Policy Statement outlines our aims for the Erasmus+ programme.

International Study Abroad

If you are interested in studying further afield the option to spend a period of study outside Europe is available on many degree programmes. There are some degree courses which allow one academic year abroad, usually the third year of a four-year programme. The exception to this is the three-year BA in English with Study in North America where the second year of a three-year programme is spent in the USA or Canada. 

Languages at Exeter

To help you prepare for a period of study abroad, or to further develop a language when you return, there are many possibilities open to you during your time at Exeter.

You can choose to take an Undergraduate module for credits towards your main degree with the Foreign Language Centre, with modules available at many levels in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish.  You can also opt to have the language you study named in your degree title as, '...with proficiency in [language]'.

Alternatively, you can choose from more than a dozen languages on the certified Evening Language Programme, which offers all the above languages, plus Arabic, Greek, Latin, Russian and Turkish.  Some of these courses can be taken towards the Exeter Award.

For details of all language courses available with the Foreign Language Centre, see www.exeter.ac.uk/flc.

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