English Law

Introduction to English Law

Academic Coordinator: Dr Joseph Lee

This course will provide you with a broad and critical understanding of the structure and function of the English legal system and will introduce students to the key foundations of the study of law: 

  • Obligations including Contract and Tort
  • Public Law (including Constitutional and Administrative Law)
  • Property Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Equity and the Law of Trusts
  • Law of the European Union

The course will then develop your knowledge of the law by introducing more specialised areas such as commercial and business law. 

The course also includes instruction in Mooting and by participating in a mooting competition you will learn to do what lawyers do on a daily basis.  By developing and defending legal arguments you will improve your understanding of the law and develop skills in legal research and analysis.

This course is suitable for prospective law students who wish to gain knowledge and experience of academic legal study, law students from outside the common law system as the course who wish to understand the main differences between the common law and civil law systems and also students of finance, business or politics as the course will illustrate how the law relates to these fields.

Key text

Roy Goode and Ewan McKendrick, Goode on Commercial Law (Penguin, 2010)

More information on the structure of the programme and our teaching style can be found on our Academic programme page.  If you have any questions please email iss@exeter.ac.uk