BRP Errors

BRPs are secure identity cards which contain personal details and biometrics information.  They are only issued to people who are coming to the UK for more than 6 months.  This is your visa and you should keep it safe with your passport as you will need it when you re-enter the UK.

When you receive your BRP card make sure to check it carefully. It is the responsibility of both you and the University to notify UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) of any errors within 10 working days. UKVI will need to correct the mistake and issue a new BRP card.

Type of error and how to correct it

If you do come across any mistakes, we strongly recommend you discuss this with us in the first instance. We will help you make the correct type of application and follow up with UKVI on your behalf.

Where did you apply for your visa?

What is the problem with your BRP card?

Where do I report the problem?


Outside the UK

All errors

Report online


Inside the UK

Any spelling or date of birth error

Report online


Inside the UK

Length of visa or work permission errors

Administrative Review

£80 which is refunded if the Home Office agree there was a mistake.

Visa end date: Wrap-up time

A common error we see is incorrect wrap-up time granted to the end of your visa. Different course lengths are granted different wrap up times:

Programme Length

Additional time normally given after programme end date

12 months or more

4 months (Undergraduates completing in the summer term, normally given leave until October of that year)

Between 6 and less than 12 months 2 months
Pre-sessional programmes less than 6 months 1 month
All other programmes less than 6 months 7 days
Masters Tier 4 Pilot students 6 months

For general information about BRP cards, see Home Office guidance notes.