Lost or stolen BRPs and Passports

These are important documents, and the process of replacing them can be time-consuming and expensive, but we can help you.

If you have lost your passport or BRP card you should first make sure that you have checked everywhere it could possibly be. This means: 

  • Contacting the venue or location you were in when you last had it.
  • If you lost it on campus, check the lost property of Estate Patrol (Northcote House) and SID (Forum), or at the PIP desk in the Peter Lanyon Building if you are a Cornwall student
  • Contact the local police station as it may have been handed in there.

If you are not in the UK you may need to remain in the country you are currently in while you replace your documents.

Carefully read through the information below and contact us when necessary. We will provide you with advice specific to your situation and any additional documents you may require.

1. Report the loss theft to the nearest police station and obtain a reference number or police report letter.

2. Inform UK Visas and Immigration by using the online service.

3. Get in touch with us giving details of your current situation and travel/study plans for the next few months. There are some situations where BRP Replacement visas are not advisable and we will provide guidance on what is best for your situation.

Most students will apply for a short one-month replacement visa at the nearest British Embassy or Consulate. This visa will enable you to re-enter the UK.

On your return to the UK, you will then need to apply for a full replacement BRP through our office within 1 month of re-entering the UK. It can take a couple of months for this application to be granted, so you should get advice as soon as possible. Our BRP(RC) Checklist lists the documents you will need.

Application form: one-month replacement visa

Apply online for a Replacement BRP visa (£154 + User pay’s fee in certain countries).

You will need to register an account with this website (if you do not already have one) then click on "Apply for myself" to create your application form. Once you have done this, fill in/update your details, including your current location. Note the advice on this page pertinent to the country from which you are applying; in some countries, there are additional forms / online processes to complete.

You will then complete the "Select Visa Type" section - make sure that you complete it as advised below. This is very important to ensure that the correct form is generated.

  • Reason for Visit: Other
  • Visa Type: Others
  • Visa Sub-Type: Replacement Biometric Residence Permit

Fill in the online form and submit it, pay for it, and make an appointment according to the local instructions for your nearest UK embassy or visa application centre.

Documents list: one-month replacement visa

  • Copy of missing passport/BRP card
  • Copy of original CAS statement
  • Student Status Letter confirming that you are a registered student

We will send you these scans as they may be required during the process.

1. Look for it! Make sure you have checked with the local police, the venue you were in when you lost it, and SID as it may have been handed in.

2. Report the loss or theft to the police online.

3. Get in touch with us for personalised advice.

You will need to report the loss to UK Visas and Immigration, we will explain how and when to do this as it depends on your circumstances.

Most students will need to request a replacement card within 3 months of reporting the loss.  There are some situations where BRP Replacement visas are not necessary and we will provide guidance on what is best for your situation.

Application form: BRP Replacement

For applications made from inside the UK, use our guide below to answer key questions. You can access the online BRP RC application form here.


If you are having trouble viewing our guide, download it here: BRP RC Application Form Guide

Document list: BRP Replacement

  • Student Status Certificate which includes your address available from the SID desk
  • Proof of your address: letting agreement, recent bank statement or an electricity, gas or water bill.

Avoid booking any international travel until you have received your new BRP as we are unable to guarantee UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) processing times.

1. Report the loss or theft to the local police (if you are outside the UK) or online (if you are inside the UK). Keep evidence that you have done this such as a reference number, police report letter or email confirmation.

2. Obtain a replacement passport from the nearest embassy for your country.  Check on your own government website for details of the nearest office.

3. Inform UK Visas and Immigration of your new passport details by completing a Migrant Change in Circumstances form.

4. Update your student record by presenting your new passport to the Compliance team at the Reception Area in the Innovation Centre (Exeter), or the PIP desk in the Peter Lanyon Building (Cornwall).

If your visa was a sticker in your passport (vignette), you will need to replace your visa once you have your new passport.

  • If you are in the UK: you will need to apply for a 'Transfer of Conditions' (TOC) form which we can help check and submit with you.
  • If you are outside the UK: you will need to will apply for a short one month replacement visa then submit a BRP Replacement application once you are back in the UK.

Either way, get in touch and we will give you individual advice depending on your particular situation.