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Applications are now open for the International Summer School 2021!

Fees and How to Pay

You can choose to join either the full Online International Summer School with an academic course and access to the Summer with Exeter programme or you can choose to only join the Summer with Exeter programme. The differences between the two programme fees are outlined below

International Summer School - £1,000.00

Summer with Exeter - £30.00

What's Included? International Summer School Summer with Exeter
Access to an accredited academic course on the International Summer School programme                     ♦  
Access to the Summer with Exeter programme                     ♦                ♦
Access to the International Summer School Platform                     ♦                ♦
Tuition from University of Exeter college academic staff and guest speakers                     ♦  

Virtual field trips on courses where applicable

Certificate of Attendance                     ♦                ♦
Official Transcript from the University of Exeter                     ♦  
Registration to the University of Exeter                     ♦  
Alumni Scholarship for future studies at the University of Exeter post programme completion                     ♦  
Access to the University of Exeter Library resources and ELE (Exeter Learning Environment)                     ♦  
Extended support from the International Summer School team                     ♦                ♦
Support during programme dates from Academic Coordinators                     ♦  


What Happens if I Study Two Courses?

If you want to take more than one academic course on the International Summer School, please contact us on The price for two courses is £1,500.00 but not all courses can be taken together so please contact us if you would like to discuss your choices.


We offer a variety of scholarships towards your total programme fee, dependent on whether you meet the criteria of said scholarship. 

There are also several other organisations which will provide scholarships but do rely on a bit of research. A good place to start is your local British Council.  

Scholarship nameScholarship typeRequirements
Tuition fee scholarships Partial scholarship (£800 - Tuition Fee waiver) Please check with your Study Abroad/Global Engagement Office at your home institution to see whether we have an agreement in place with your institution and follow their application procedures.
 Partnership Recognition Partial scholarship (£350) Please check with your home institution to see whether we have extended this scholarship to your university and then apply as normal. This will be automatically added to your programme fee upon successful application.
GPA Celebration Partial scholarship (£300)
This will be automatically applied to any successful application that supports a GPA of 3.7 or above. This must be evidenced by a recent official transcript.

Please note only one scholarship or discount can be applied to a programme fee at any one time. Where an applicant is eligible to receive more than one scholarship, the largest scholarship amount will take precedence. 

Once you have completed your application form, you will receive an email to state whether you have been successful in your application. If you are successful, you will also receive an attached Offer Letter. This will specify the next steps to take.

Deposit Payment

In order to confirm your place on the programme, you will need to make a deposit payment of £300 within two weeks of receiving your Offer Letter or any further amended Offer Letter.

Final Payment

Final Payment Deadline May 2021

Any applications received after this datewill be required to make full payment in order to confirm a place.

Methods of Payment

There are three different ways to make payment with one preferred option:

Online Store

This is our online payment site. Please follow the link above for either deposit payment or full payment. When making payment, please ensure to include the student name and reference number included on your Offer Letter to allow us to match your payment to your profile. Please note that the Deposit payment on the online store is fixed at £300 while the fee payment allows you to amend the amount. If you have already paid your deposit, please ensure you do not pay it a second time within the programme fee.

BACS Transfer 

You are able to make a BACS transfer directly to our bank account. This is useful if the online store doesn’t accept your card payment for whatever reason or you do not have a suitable card to make the payment.  If you wish to make a BACS payment, please contact and request the BACS transfer information before attempting to do so.

Please note that any refund processed by BACS can approximately take up to 1 month from start to finish to process.

Payment by Cheque

If you are unable to make payment in any other way, the University will accept payment of total programme fees or deposit by cheque. If you wish to make payment via cheque, please contact for further instructions.

Care has been taken in the preparation of the programme but the University reserves the right to cancel or alter the courses available, the content of courses, day trips or social events due to unforeseen circumstances.

In the unlikely event that a course is cancelled you will be offered a place on another course or a full refund.

We also require each student to sign our Code of Conduct. If any student should breach this Code of Conduct, we reserve the right to request the student leave the programme at their own expense. In this instance, no refund shall be provided.

Withdrawal Policy

In order to withdraw from the programme, you should let us know by email. 

If you have paid the programme fees or deposit and need to withdraw, fees will then be refunded in accordance with the terms set out below:

  • Before 3 May – 98% of the amount paid
  • After 3 May – the deposit of £300 becomes non-refundable (we have fixed fees to pay per participant)
  • Within the first two days of the programme – 50% of the programme fees
  • After the first two days of the programme – no refund

All refunds are made in UK Sterling and we cannot refund any differences due to exchange rate fluctuations or any bank charges incurred. Refunds for online payments will be made onto the credit/debit card used to make the payment.

Please note that it is your own responsibility to ensure you are able to obtain a visa should you need one. If you are refused a visa, the refund terms and conditions set out above will still be in place.

My time spent on the International Summer School was easily some of the best three weeks I have experienced in my life. The history pathway offered an intellectually stimulating group of lectures that broadened my understanding of studying history and the many facets that a student of history has at their disposal. Aside from the educational portion of the program, the trip to London was a wonderful way to break the ice between all of the students while exploring London together. Meeting people from over thirty different countries is something I will never be able to forget. Everyone brings their own experiences and views, with opinions that force us to open our minds and delve out of our comfort zones. I highly recommend the University of Exeter Summer School to anyone that wants an intellectual, cultural, and social experience abroad that is not only affordable but also rewarding in every aspect of the word.

Christopher - University South Florida, USA