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‘It’s an experience of a lifetime! I was able to learn not only from the professors and seminars, but also from the other students and staff. I made connections spanning the globe that I’ll treasure for a very long time. I’m so thankful for the opportunity and that I chose to take it!’ 

Josiah – University of Victoria, Canada

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There are several partial scholarships available both from University of Exeter and external organisations, please see our scholarships area for more information.

The International Summer School
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What's Included

5th July - 16th July 2021

Our 2021 Online International Summer School is designed to bring students together from across the world, engage with our world class academic colleagues from our colleges in accredited courses and explore things from new perspectives while forging new connections across cultures and languages. The last year has been unprecedented in the way we have learnt to communicate and engage online more beneficially but it has also seen many examples of connections to different cultures and opinions becoming harder to make as we all understandably remain within our bubbles. Our overall goal is to provide an truly memorable learning experience while encouraging students to maintain and develop their understanding of the different perspectives surrounding global challenges, and have some fun making new friends while doing so!

Within our Academic Programme Each student has the opportunity to join one or more accredited courses delivered by our academic staff, expert guest speakers, and in some cases virtual field trips! The courses will be delivered online with pre-recorded content and activities to help students prepare for in depth live sessions, delivered on our learning platform. Each student who joins a course will also have the opportunity to take part in a multidisciplinary group challenge across borders to see how they could make an impact in both their local and wider environments on large scale international issues.

As part of our Summer Exploring With Exeter, we are also hosting a series of social and cultural activities to help students get to know people from around the world and explore new cultures, may be even make some connections for future travel plans! As part of this, we will be hosting live virtual day trips in places that the face to face International Summer School to show you a glimpse of the UK as well and we will be encouraging students to create their own tours of their local areas to help everyone feel a bit like they are on a trip themselves! This will all run along side a series of skills and knowledge sessions run by teams across the University of Exeter to help students feel more confident in their skills and options as the world begins to open up again. This programme is available to all students who join an academic course, or as a separate programme for those who are unable to join a full academic course. If you want to meet new people, explore some new places virtually and learn a bit more about the UK or the University of Exeter, why not join us this summer?

 The entire summer activity will be held on a fully responsive platform that you can access either by mobile, tablet or desktop and is supported for extended office hours by the University of Exeter International Summer School team.  There may be some additional activities available in the week preceding the start of the programme and the platform will be available to all registered on 28th June 2021.


Describing my experience in the Exeter Summer School is quite complicated, you have to live it to understand to what extent it may be the best summer of your life. From the people with whom I was lucky enough to share it with, to the good organization and friendship of the Team and the amazing teachers, it is an exceptional experience. I return to Spain having lived a unique and unbeatable experience and with many new friends with whom I share the best memories ever.

Fatima  – Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain