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Our application window will be open from 1st November 2021 at 9am GMT until 13th May 2022 5pm GMT. Please check the How to Apply guidelines to ensure you have everything you need to complete your application and ensure it is processed straight away.  If you are interested in our Sustainabliity Summer Programme or our Project Management course, please complete our Register Your Interest form to be kept updated about the opening of the application window for these two programmes. 

The International Summer School provided me with a unique experience wherein I was able to gain in-depth knowledge about a field in which I am passionate, while simultaneously interacting with people and their views from around the world. This has enabled me to look at problems with a more open mind.

Dominique, American University, USA

The balance of the open-mindedness and easy going attitudes of the professors made our learning fun and exciting. The professors had very smart perspectives and were very skilled in conveying important information.

Yanda, Sebalas Maret University, Indonesia

Programme Pathways

Our programme for the International Summer School features the pathways below but please note that these are subject to change.

This year you have the option to study up to two courses within the 3 week period with us. We have split the courses into two timetables you can combine any subject in timetable one with timetable two. There are two subjects that cannot be combined with another subject due to the schedule and workload, these have been highlighted in timetable one.

Doing two subjects will double the amount of credits you are eligible for, based on completing the required assessments and will have a heavier workload.

Please contact us at to request a syllbus for any of our courses to help with credit transfer or for more information. 


A new course in Engineering Biology will be available from 2022 on our International Summer School. More details will be available from September 2021.


Timetable One Timetable Two

Britain & the Making of the Modern World

Adapting Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
Improve Access to Psychological Therapies

Contract Law                                              Human Rights Law   
Preventative Medicine: Exercise & the Environment 

 Victorian Decadents, Degenerates, Goths and Global Citizens

Rethinking Shakespeare: Beyond the Bard  Theatre: Applied Puppetry
International Relations: Security, Conflict & Peace*  British Cultures
Global Climate Change: Environment, Technology & Society**
Engineering Biology**
Project Management***

* These subjects have a very heavy pre-reading workload. 

** this subject involves a multi-day field tip and so is not available for study in conjunction with another subject or is not suitable for studying alongside other courses for other reasons.

*** this course is a new course for 2022 and involves guest lecturers at different times and so is not available for study in conjunction with another course.

It is definitely one of the most wonderful summers in my life. From the program, you can feel the culture of the UK, including famous historical sites, afternoon tea and the attractive British accent. The University of Exeter is also impressive. The accommodation and the teaching facilities are advanced and the campus is gorgeous. The course is interesting and gave me a full picture of modern British history. Last but not least, the staff are very nice and patient. I really enjoyed the whole program.

Chen – Fudan University, China