Meeting people from all over the world with different perspectives and sharing moments that never would have happened if I hadn’t joined this course, was a valuable experience. The Global Climate Change course was very well organised and we learnt very efficiently in a short amount of time. The field trips to the Met Office, Penryn and the Eden Project helped us to have a deeper understanding of our studies. This programme has enriched my summer and my life!

Hanae, Temple University, Japan

Global Climate Change: Environment, Technology & Society

This module explores the economic, societal and environmental impacts and implications of climate change, as well as the technological solutions available; focusing on research currently being done by academics at the University of Exeter. The course begins with a general introduction to Climate Change and then examines three main topics in greater detail: Water Resources and Engineering, Renewable Energy, and Earth Systems. This is a technical program, coordinated by the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, and is centred around the theory and application of climate change science. Although not a requisite, it is desirable to have a scientific background, and you can expect to come across technical terminology during this course.

Specific topics related to climate change include:

  • Causes and effects
  • Social, economic and political impacts
  • Environmental impacts and the threat to ecosystem services
  • Modelling and prediction
  • Adaptation and mitigation of catastrophic events
  • Management of water resources and rainfall changes
  • Renewable energy technologies and policies for a low carbon society
  • Climate tipping points

We will explore these issues within a multidisciplinary framework with lectures, workshops and practical exercises led by world-class researchers in engineering, physics, mathematics, biological, and environmental sciences.

This module aims to give you a broad vision and perspective on global climate change: its mechanisms and underlying science, a look at impacts upon society and the environment, and the technologies that can be employed to mitigate its effects, including adaptation strategies.

Module at a Glance

Module Title Global Climate Change: Environment, Technology & Society
Module Code ISS3002
Module Convenor Dr Paul Butler
Credit Value 7.5 ECTS
Scheduled Teaching 23 x 2 Hour Sessions
Total Module Hours 150 Hours
Guided Independent Study

Pre-Reading Before Arrival
Preparatory readings for lectures and seminars
Researching, preparing and delivering a group presentation
Researching and completing two written assignments

Formative Assessment

Justification of choice of extract for commentary – 300 words -verbal and written feedback

Summative Assessment

Critical Commentary on an extract from a module text – 1500 words – 60% of credit – written feedback

Group Presentation – 20 minutes – 40% of credit – verbal and written feedback

Sample Pre Reading

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Climate Change 2014 (AR5): Synthesis Report

Sample Lecture Sessions

Climate Change outside the Earth System

Renewable Energy Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation