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College of Medicine and Health

Progression Requirements September 2022

The tables below provide detailed information about which INTO pathways and modules need to be taken to allow progression to a chosen subject, along with the grades that need to be achieved to guarantee progression to the College of Medicine and Health in September 2022.


Foundation pathway

Leading to Level 1 undergraduate study. For further information about these opportunities please contact Progression & Placement at

Degree ProgrammeAwardINTO PathwayEnglish gradeAdditional requirementsOverall academic grade
Medical Imaging (Diagnostic Radiography) BSc BLES/FT 65 Interview  63
Medical Sciences BSc BLES/FT 65 None 63
Neuroscience BSc BLES/FT 65 FT - Biological Sciences (Human) 63
Nursing MSci BLES/FT 65 Interview 63
Sports and Exercise Medical Sciences BSc BLES/FT 65 None 63