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Business Readiness

This Business Readiness & Engagement puts our students and staff at the heart of IT & Digital. They manage the organisational change that is needed to support the introduction of IT & Digital solutions, such as new or replacement systems, technology and processes. They work with our students and staff to understand their technology needs and ensure key stakeholders are informed and connected with the IT & Digital service. There are three aspects to the service:

  • Change Management (billed as the new superpower for IT Leaders!) - This is a team of certified PROSCI change managers who work with senior sponsors to ensure a structured approach to change management is designed, delivered and measured.
  • UX (User Experience) – The UX team exist to inform and support the creation of high quality, consistent experiences across our system and services and the overall user journey.
  • Business Partnering – The IT Business Partners work closely with key stakeholders across the colleges and Professional Services to teams to connect Exeter IT & Digital with the long term requirements of the institution.