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Operate - Service Management


Richard Uren

Assistant Director of Service Management

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The Service Management function ensures all prescribed services offered to staff and students are available and delivered to the best of our ability to meet the strategic goals of our Colleges and Professional Services.

We proactively review trends via requests, incidents, problems and changes to improve the services we offer via Continual Service Improvement

Our teams:

The function encompasses 3 pillars of:

Service Performance covers our Network WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi and telephony, Infrastructure and Vendor Management including software licencing. These teams deliver operational support across both Exeter Campus’s as well as our satellite offices. We monitor all solutions end to end and engage our supplier via Vendor management ensuring all SLA’s are met.

David Bunting
Service Performance Manager

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This function provides our front line teaching support across both the desktop and Audio Visual environments. Ranging from assisting an end user with help using MS office through to purchasing building and conducting hardware maintenance on laptop and cluster devices. Audio Visual or AV primarily focuses on teaching support for all rooms across our campuses. Supporting everything from changing a bulb to rebuilding lectern machines and support end to end video conferencing either in person or remotely.

Greg Laybourn
Customer Service Manager

Operations covers incident, major incident, and problem and change management. Taking full end to end ownership of major outages reviewing trends or reoccurring incidents, managing all changes linked to our infrastructure and completing reporting of service levels against a set of industry SLA’s.

From a security perspective we are building on the cyber essentials certification, providing expertise to our 3rd line teams regarding potential security incidents as well as building out a full Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) capability to move from a fully reactive security function into the proactive space.

Operations and Security Manager