Collaboration across the University of Exeter

The LSI is a hub for interdisciplinary research and a centre for collaborations extending across all parts of the University of Exeter. 

To this end, all LSI faculty have a primary appointment in one of the three STEMM Colleges. The LSI has porous walls, with research facilities open to all who would like to use them. Collaboration is at the heart of the LSI and cross-disciplinary research fostered and celebrated through regular seminars and an annual LSI Research Symposium.

HASS collaboration

HASS involvement is welcome and important if LSI research is to have successful real-world impact. Philosophers, social scientists and historians based at Egenis, the internationally renowned Exeter Centre for the Study of the Life Sciences, have hot desking space in the LSI and a workshop was held in April 2017 to introduce their work to LSI staff and foster collaborations. Topics of common interest include process thinking, theoretical and biological modelling strategies, the representative power of experimental organisms, the use of big and open data, the role of classifications and taxonomies in knowledge production, conceptualisations of pathology and disease, extended and embodied cognition, the relation between art and science, and translational research modes.

Other collaborations are also being pursued and the LSI is happy to welcome Dr Gemma Anderson, an artist and researcher whose practice is at the interface of art, science and philosophy. She is currently Co-investigator on the Arts and Humanities Research Council project ‘Representing Biology as Process’ (2017-2020) with Philosopher of Biology John Dupre and Biologist James Wakefield and works between the Living Systems Institute and Egenis.