Dr Wolfram Möbius

Dr Wolfram Möbius

Research Fellow, Living Systems Institute

“I am looking forward to joining a community addressing problems from a variety of directions and to learning and contributing.


I undertook my PhD at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, specialising in DNA dynamics and Nucleosome positioning. I went on to undertake the role of Postdoctoral Researcher at Harvard University, USA with a focus on Range expansions in heterogeneous environments. I am joining the Living Systems Institute from a researcher position at the the Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands.

Highlights of my career to date: 

I decided to study physics as a starting point to work as a scientist. Throughout my career as a researcher I moved toward more and more biological problems. At the end of my PhD I very much enjoyed working with published data on nucleosome organization. This experience motivated me to do experiments myself, an approach which I found very beneficial for my postdoctoral research on expanding populations. I am now using methods I learned over the years to address biological questions using a combination of both experiments and theory. I thereby try to employ concepts from and analogies to physics where applicable.

What excites me most about joining the LSI: 

The broad perspective with respect to model organisms, scales, and disciplines!

Research work I will be undertaking in the LSI:

I will focus on understanding how environmental constraints influence the dynamics of a population and its evolution. My team and I will use a combination of experiments, mainly with bacteriophage T7, simulations, and theory to address this question. We will use a variety of methods and develop new assays necessary to make quantitative measurements. Our goal is to connect the results of these measurements to theoretical descriptions we will develop in parallel.

Something about me that you can’t google! 

I am fascinated by all means of transportation, both because of the technology and the freedom they give us. As a graduate student I went to a summer school using a combination of several trains and a ferry. Some years ago, I travelled to New Zealand and ended up flying around the earth over the course of weeks. Recently, changing positions was a perfect excuse to cross the US by car. I am curious what will be next.