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Medical Mycology and Fungal Immunology MRes course, covering all aspects of medical mycology, immunity, the molecular basis of infection, and the genomics of infectious disease.

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A unique and bespoke one-year MRes programme that provides an ideal starting point for a research or clinical career in medical mycology and fungal immunology

We welcome both clinical and non-clinical applicants

Our MRes students undertake a bespoke training programme that provides them with a broad inter-disciplinary training that is not available anywhere else in the world.  This training provides an extensive foundation of knowledge and key skills for a subsequent PhD programme or career in clinical mycology or infection biology. In addition to core skills, this structured course includes lectures in medical mycology and immunology, bioinformatics, research tutorials, and practical training in molecular mycology, analysis of virulence, and infectious disease immunology. Students may also have the opportunity to undertake a two day course at the Mycology Reference Laboratory in Bristol, to learn first-hand about difficulties faced in fungal detection and diagnosis.

During our MRes course, non-clinical students carry out two 3-month research projects, offered by different MRC CMM PIs, which are aimed at delivering advanced practical training in both medical mycology and immunology. Meanwhile, our clinical students carry out an extended 6-month project.  The evaluation of our MRes students includes continuous assessment (essays, laboratory practicals, individual and group presentations), multiple-choice questionnaires and written exams. Research projects are evaluated by lab performance, by thesis and by oral presentation of the project findings.

Applications should be submitted via this website: