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February 2009

Buying local isn’t always better for the environment

Shopping locally may not be as good for the environment as having food delivered, according to new research by the University of Exeter.

European team finds smallest transiting extrasolar planet ever

The CoRoT satellite has discovered a planet only twice as large as the Earth orbiting a star slightly smaller than the Sun.

£7 million for new postgraduate opportunities at Exeter

The University of Exeter has created 180 new opportunities for postgraduate study worth over £7 million.

First brain study reveals benefits of exercise on quitting smoking

Research from the University of Exeter reveals for the first time, that changes in brain activity, triggered by physical exercise, may help reduce cigarette cravings.

Rebuilding higher education in Iraq

Expertise from the University of Exeter is helping rebuild higher education in Iraq.

Parents ‘avoid pregnancy’ rather than face testing choices

Parents of children with genetic conditions may avoid the need to choose whether to undergo pre-natal testing or to abort future pregnancies by simply avoiding subsequent pregnancy altogether, a study has found.

Cornish poet’s love letters unearthed

Heartfelt Valentines cards written by the Cornish poet Reginald John ‘Jack’ Clemo are being given a new lease of life thanks to the University of Exeter.

Second-hand smoke could cause dementia

First large scale study demonstrates link between exposure to passive smoking and cognitive problems.

University of Exeter offers recession busting scholarships for MBA programme

The University of Exeter Business School today announced it will be offering five full fee scholarships, worth £17,000 each, to eligible students taking up places on its full time, one year MBA course for the 2009/10 academic year.

Fairtrade consumerism in focus

New light on the motives of fair-trade shoppers has recently been concluded by a research team in Sociology and Philosophy at the University of Exeter.

Frugal eating this Lent as recession bites

With the credit crunch deepening, this year’s traditional Christian fast of Lent will have added significance for many people who try to cut back and adopt simpler eating habits.

British butterfly reveals role of habitat for species responding to climate change

Most wild species are expected to colonise northwards as the climate warms, but how are they going to get there when so many landscapes are covered in wheat fields and other crops?

Bizarre bird behaviour predicted by game theory

A team of scientists, led by the University of Exeter, has used game theory to explain the bizarre behaviour of a group of ravens.

From Cliff top to Campus - National Heuchera collection comes to Exeter

The UK’s most significant collection of Heuchera plants is being re-homed at the University of Exeter.

It’s a funny business declares TV Exec

The University of Exeter’s own ‘Doctor of Comedy’ returns to take centre stage to deliver the first in this year’s Shaping the Future lectures.

Cornish landscape on canvas, on campus

A vibrant oil painting inspired by the dramatic Cornish landscape is being donated to the University of Exeter’s Tremough Campus by internationally acclaimed artist Neil Canning.

Science Park plans on show

A series of public exhibitions are to be held into draft proposals for the Exeter Science Park in advance of submission of an outline planning application.