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POSTPONED - Digital Humanities Seminar: 'Some may perhaps suppose this Prose is mine': Genre, Style, and Early Modern Authorship

A Digital Humanities seminar
Speaker(s)Dr Brett Greatley-Hirsch (University of Leeds)
Date13 March 2020
Time16:00 to 17:30
PlaceDigital Humanities Laboratory

Seminar Room 1

Postponed due to UCU strike action.

Digital Humanities Lab seminar series. Dr Brett Greatley-Hirsch (University of Leeds):'Some may perhaps suppose this Prose is mine': Genre, Style, and Early Modern Authorship. Co-hosted with CEMS. Join us for drinks and nibbles following the paper!

Dr Brett Greatley-Hirsch is University Academic Fellow in Textual Studies and Digital Editing at the University of Leeds. He is a coordinating editor of Digital Renaissance Editions, co-editor of the journal Shakespeare, and a Trustee of the British Shakespeare Association. His book, Style, Computers, and Early Modern Drama: Beyond Authorship (2017, co-authored with Hugh Craig), brings together his research interests in early modern drama, computational stylistics, and literary history.


Does genre constrain an author's style? Attribution scholarship assumes as much and, for this reason, tests to determine authorship typically proceed on a strict, like-versus-like basis. But is this assumption valid, and why should the answer matter? This seminar offers an overview and some preliminary findings of a project attempting to measure the effect of genre on an author's style by analysing stylistic differences and affinities between early modern prose, poetry, and drama.

OrganizerUniversity of Exeter Digital Humanities Lab

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