Biosciences Research Seminar - Calling time on disease in aquaculture: circadian interactions of fish, their microbiomes and parasites

Part of the Biosciences lunchtime research seminar series

A Biosciences seminar
Date29 October 2020
Time12:30 to 13:30
PlaceVia TEAMS

Speaker: Dr Amy Ellison, Lecturer & BBSRC Discovery Fellow, School of Natural Sciences, Bangor University. Host: Dr Jackie Lighten. Seminar held via Teams.


In aquaculture, the world’s fastest-growing food sector, infectious disease is the principal barrier to economic and ecological sustainability. Manipulated photoperiods – particularly extended day length for diurnal species – are currently promoted to improve juvenile rearing quality in many fish species. In the extreme, constant light is used to maximize growth and delay maturation. Despite an increasing awareness of the intricate interaction between circadian rhythms and immune functions in mammals, how this corresponds to current disease issues in captive fish populations is unknown. This talk will present our studies on the impacts of aquaculture stressors on fish immune responses and discuss recent findings on the circadian dynamics of fish immune expression, their commensal microbiota and parasitic infections.

Seminar_Series_Poster_29102020.pdf (181K)

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