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Baring Court 114

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Professor Katherine Weare - Mindfulness in Schools

Centre for Teaching Thinking and Dialogue Research Seminar

A College of Social Sciences and International Studies research event
Date12 June 2013
PlaceBaring Court 114

This session will focus on developing and delivering mindfulness in schools. It will be a mixture of theory and experiential exercises, with some lively practices from current mindfulness in schools programmes to ground us and give a taste of what is happening in classrooms and schools.

Some of the areas we will explore include:

  • What is mindfulness? Why is it suddenly the ‘in thing’?
  • What brain changes appear to occur in those who practice mindfulness?
  • How is mindfulness taught, to children and adults?
  • What evidence is there for the benefits of mindfulness – and to children and those who live and work with them?
  • Can mindfulness provide the ‘missing key’ to help other areas that matter in schools? We will particularly explore links with thinking schools, and mention others such as academic learning, social and emotional education, citizenship, resilience, and work with pupils with difficulties.
  • What is happening with mindfulness in schools programmes and initiatives in the UK?

Katherine Weare is Honorary Visiting Professor at the University of Exeter and Emeritus Professor at the University of Southampton. A well-known UK expert on the theory, practice and evidence base for social and emotional learning and mental health in schools, she is currently working with colleagues at Exeter to develop and evaluate mindfulness in schools and encourage various international programmes to work together effectively and use the principles of ‘what works’.  She is trained to teach adult mindfulness (MBSR) and has a long term mindfulness practice.

ProviderCollege of Social Sciences and International Studies
Intended audienceAcademic staff and students and colleagues in other educational establishments
Registration informationNo booking required
OrganizerLucy Smith

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